Liposuction is an operation that removes excess fat from the body to create a satisfactory body shape, and trims the body into a balanced line through the fat layer removal process.


Features of liposuction surgery

1:1 customized liposuction

We perform 1:1 customized surgery according to individual body characteristics.

Selective fat removal possible

Selective surgery is possible for each desired area.

Systematic post-surgery management

Careful management is carried out to minimize scarring after surgery.

If you need liposuction

F5 plastic surgery liposuction is suitable for local obesity rather than systemic obesity, so it is more effective in removing fat when applied to the desired area.

01. If you have a lot of body fat in whole or in part
02. If the skin is uneven and needs correction
03. If you want a diet effect without interfering with your daily life
04. If you want a slim and smooth body



F5 plastic surgery liposuction site

Abdominal Liposuction

Abdominal obesity is the cause of adult diseases and results in ruining the body shape.
Abdominal fat can be managed with liposuction.

Hip/thigh liposuction

There are cases where fat is destroyed using carboxyl or injections in the lower body, but liposuction can also make the thighs thinner and thinner.

Arm/armpit liposuction

Although many people manage it through exercise or diet, the fat in the forearm is an area that is rarely effective, so liposuction is the most reliable method.

Effects of liposuction surgery

Check out the effect of f5 plastic surgery liposuction!
A single operation can have a variety of effects.

01. Improvement of fat in the desired area
02. Smooth body line
03. Quick return to daily life
04. Minimize scars with post-surgery management


Jaw reduction surgery Precautions after surgery


After surgery, it is recommended to avoid excessive activity and rest.


The compression garment is worn the next day or after the bandage is removed.


It is recommended to take a simple shower about 7 days after surgery.


Drinking and smoking are allowed 4 weeks after surgery.
Alcohol and smoking can slow wound healing and cause inflammation, so you should refrain from drinking for about 4 weeks.


During the recovery period, it is recommended to refrain from strong shocks or excessive exercise on the surgical site.


During the recovery period, you must be careful about strong shocks.


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