Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty

As you grow older, upper and lower eyelid skin can get saggy. This can cause both cosmetic and functional issues for the eyes. Upper and lower blepharoplasty involves removing excessive sagging skin and fat deposits that are not in the right place.


What is upper eyelid surgery?

As the eyelids sag as aging progresses, the double eyelid line is covered, and the corners of the eyes are covered with skin, making the eyes look sagging and blocking the view. It can also cause wrinkles to form on your forehead as you use your forehead to open your eyes. In order to improve these symptoms, F5 Plastic Surgery Clinic removes an appropriate amount of drooping skin and fat tissue from the eyelids and creates a natural double eyelid line to provide vivid and lively eyes.

If you need upper eyelid surgery

You can even create a double eyelid line that harmonizes with your face while improving the drooping eyelids that obstruct vision with age.

01. If your eyelids are drooping and you use your forehead to open your eyes
02. If the eyelids are drooping and the corners of the eyes are sagging
03. If your eyelashes pierce your eyes due to drooping eyelids
04. If your vision is obscured by drooping eyelids



Upper eyelid surgery method

01. eye shape design

Considering the overall condition of the eyes and the degree of drooping of the eyelids, determine the amount of wrinkles and tissues to be removed and design the double eyelid line.

03. Elevator levator muscle and skin connection

Connect the levator levator muscle to the skin, pull it out moderately, and then seal it.

02. Skin, fat and tissue removal

After making an incision on the double eyelid line according to the design, the skin and fat and tissue that cause eyelid sagging are removed.

04. Natural eyes

As the drooping eyelids are improved, the aesthetic and functional parts are improved together to complete the natural youthful eyes.


What is lower eyelid surgery?

As we age, the sagging of the lower eyelid starts before the upper eyelid.
If the lower eyelids are sagging or the fat under the eyes is protruding, dark circles appear more severe and look older.
The bulging or sagging fat under the eyes can be improved through lower eyelid surgery.
The F5 plastic surgeons do most noticeable scars and skin incision and suture’d bring him a lovely surgical outcome meets the patient.

If lower eyelid surgery is required

F5 plastic surgery lower eyelid surgery can improve sagging and convex under the eyes elastically and improve the elasticity of the eyes.

01. If there are many wrinkles under the eyes
02. If the skin under the eyes is sagging a lot
03. If the fat under the eyes is protruding
04. If you have dark circles due to fat under the eyes



Lower eyelid surgery method

01. Preoperative design

Decide and design the amount of fat and wrinkles to be removed by considering the condition of the under-eye wrinkles and the shape of the bulging fat.

03. Wrinkled skin excision

It is designed for wrinkled and sagging skin from the outer skin of the eye, and then sagging wrinkles are excised and sutured.

02. Fat removal and rearrangement after incision

After removing unnecessary fat by making an incision on the inner conjunctiva under the eyes, it is repositioned flat using the remaining fat.

04. Completion of wrinkle-free, youthful eyes

As the drooping eyelids are improved, the aesthetic and functional parts are improved together to complete the natural youthful eyes.

Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty effect

Check out the effects of F5 Plastic Surgery.
A single operation can have a variety of effects.

01. Improvement of wrinkles under the eyes and eyelids
02. Relief of dark circles under the eyes
03. Natural young eyes
04. Improvement of droopy and sagging eyelids


Before surgery, wear safe medical protective lenses

Before eye surgery in f5 plastic surgery
Wear the safe medical protective lens ‘ACUVUE OASYS Hydracler Plus’.
It protects the patient’s eyes safely by blocking external foreign substances and dry eye during surgery.


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