Sunken Eye Correction

F5 Plastic Surgery Eye Correction Surgery reduces the strength of the eye muscles regardless of the size of the eye.
Because it is corrected, it creates a clear look and a clear impression.
Increases the exposure of dark eyes to complete large and cool eyes.


Case of closed eye correction surgery

When you need to correct a turned off eye

F5 Plastic Surgery Clinic’s closed eye correction surgery is performed with microfat transplantation on the Completes the voluminous and lively eyes.

01. If your eyelids look old due to depression
02. If the upper part of the eye is in the way and you look tire
03. If you are worried about a hard and sharp impression
04. If you want a soft and lively look



How to correct a closed eye surgery

ROOF type transplant

In case of fat transplantation on the eyelid Not in the form of orbital fat Similar to ROOF It is better to make it in shape. A small amount of fat between the septum It is transplanted by inserting it.

Wrong transplant method

When transplanting by pushing it into a lump Smooth blood supply around Because you do not receive, necrosis occurs If the necrotic tissue is not absorbed quickly Calcification may proceed.

Microfat transplantation between the septum

A small amount of fat between the tissues If inserted, the blood supply is It is made smoothly, and the engraftment rate is high. You can reduce the worry of calcification.

Eyelid Correction Surgery Effect

Check out the effect of F5 Plastic Surgery’s eye correction surgery.
A single operation can have a variety of effects.

01. Clear and lively impression
02. I feel more comfortable when I open my eyes
03. Relieves discomfort such as blindness and glare
04. Soft and comfortable impression


Before surgery, wear safe medical protective lenses

Before eye surgery in f5 plastic surgery
Wear the safe medical protective lens ‘ACUVUE OASYS Hydracler Plus’.
It protects the patient’s eyes safely by blocking external foreign substances and dry eye during surgery.


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