Custom rhinoplasty is a surgery that completes a natural edge line that suits you, considering the balance of each individual’s face, rather than creating the same nose shape with the same surgery.

A natural nose line just for me custom rhinoplasty

F5 Plastic Surgery’s customized rhinoplasty is carried out in a systematic system from pre-surgery planning to post-surgery management in consideration of individual characteristics.

Complete natural beauty.



Features of customized rhinoplasty surgery

Various types of silicon

To use a prosthesis that suits each person
Possessing various types of silicon

Nose surgery using 3D CT

3D CT cannot be seen outside
Find problems in the nose and operate smoothly

Safe and neat surgical process

All surgical processes are based on safety
Delicately done to improve perfection

Made-to-order nose surgery if necessary

F5 Plastic Surgery Bespoke Nose Orthopedic Makes Ideal Face Ratio Based on 1: 1 custom-made surgery according to each person’s characteristics Complete a sophisticated and beautiful nose.

01. If you usually have a complex about your nose
02. If you want a clean nose line
03. When the shape of the nose is deformed by an external impact
04. If you want a three-dimensional impression



Types of nose surgery materials

01. Silicon

It is the most used material when raising the nose. It is a harmless product that has been certified by the US FDA and is harmless to the human body. It can be delicately processed according to the shape of each person's nose. If you want to create a smooth nose without being deformed or absorbed The most suitable material.

03. AlloDerm

Epidermis and dermis cells that cause an immune response in skin tissue A skin processing material that has been processed and removed. Even if time passes after surgery It is not easily absorbed, and its shape is not fixed and it is soft. When raising the tip of the nose or when the skin at the tip of the nose is thin It is a material often used to wrap cartilage to make it look natural.

02. Gore-tex

A material commonly used with silicon. The shortcomings of silicon Developed to complement. There are fine holes on the surface of Gore-Tex After surgery, autologous tissue grows and infiltrates there. Because it is a soft material with higher adhesion than silicon It can also be used by people with thin nose skin.


Custom-made nose plastic surgery method

If the nose is short

Using the cartilage of the nasal septum to the lower part of the nasal septum
Extend the length of the nose by hitting it repeatedly,
After unraveling the overlapping part of each cartilage
Move it down and reconstruct it to match the balance of your face.

If your nose is bent

Cut and move the inside and outside of the nose bone
Medial or lateral osteotomy,
Excision or position of bent outer cartilage, etc.
Using multiple methods such as correction
Makes the nose straight without recurrence.

If you have a wide nose

Bespoke designed prosthesis
Settle in the correct position
Using autologous tissue or cartilage
Make the shape of the tip of the nose.

If the nose is protruding

With the protruding nasal bone at the transition site of bone and nasal cartilage
By trimming and removing cartilage
Can be treated.

Made-to-order nose surgery Surgical effect

Please check the effect of custom-made nose shaping of F5 Plastic Surgery
Various effects can be obtained with one operation.

01. The balance of the face is adjusted
02. Beautiful nose from any angle
03. Reliable correction effect
04. Improvement of general nasal problems


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