Rhinoplasty Revision

We accurately diagnose the cause and condition of nose revision surgery to balance the entire face.
Reoperation is more difficult than the first operation and needs to be done carefully, so it requires a careful and experienced surgeon.

F5 refresh nose reoperation that accurately analyzes the cause of failure

F5 Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty is performed by Dr. Hyung-Kyo Lee to correct the cause of the revision surgery and perform 1:1 customized contour rhinoplasty with high stability that satisfies both functional and aesthetic improvements.




Refresh Nose Reoperation Surgery Features

custom nose reoperation

A customized reoperation plan by thoroughly analyzing the cause of failure of the primary operation

Independent Teacher Hyung Lee know-how

F5 Plastic Surgery’s unique know-how, fixed power that does not sag over time

Introduction of operating room observation system

During surgery, check the shape of your nose and perform 1:1 customized surgery

The timing of nose revision surgery

In general, reoperation is performed after 6 months when the tissue is stabilized, but it is very difficult to have a social life for a long time due to a ruined appearance.
For these people, if there is no inflammation, F5 immediately corrects it regardless of the time, and if there is inflammation, after removing the implant, the tissue is stabilized with intensive treatment for one month and rapid correction is made so that they can return to social life.




Types of nose surgery materials

01. Silicon

It is the most used material when raising the nose. It is a harmless product that has been certified by the US FDA and is harmless to the human body. It can be delicately processed according to the shape of each person's nose. If you want to create a smooth nose without being deformed or absorbed The most suitable material.

03. AlloDerm

Epidermis and dermis cells that cause an immune response in skin tissue A skin processing material that has been processed and removed. Even if time passes after surgery It is not easily absorbed, and its shape is not fixed and it is soft. When raising the tip of the nose or when the skin at the tip of the nose is thin It is a material often used to wrap cartilage to make it look natural.

02. Gore-tex

A material commonly used with silicon. The shortcomings of silicon Developed to complement. There are fine holes on the surface of Gore-Tex After surgery, autologous tissue grows and infiltrates there. Because it is a soft material with higher adhesion than silicon It can also be used by people with thin nose skin.


Refresh Nose Reoperation Surgical Method

If your nose is too high and awkward

Eoulrimyeonseo a percentage of your face so you can have a beautiful nose lines connected to the forehead, chin and remove the old implant surgery and replaced with a new implant to use the self-organization at the end of the nose.

In case of contracture of the tip of the nose

After releasing the scar tissue and lowering the raised nose tip sufficiently, it is completed in an ideal shape.

If the skin is thin and the implant is visible

If the implant is too high, lower the implant to improve and change the space to insert the implant to a deeper level than the capsule.
Instead of implants, we use our own dermis and scalp fascia to compensate for thinned skin.

If the nose bridge looks curved

It is corrected symmetrically through lateral osteotomy, which is to cut the outside of the nasal bone.

If your nose is inflamed

Reoperation is performed with a new implant or autologous tissue with less inflammatory reaction while observing the inflamed plaque. In the early stage of inflammation, taking antibiotics relieves inflammation, and if inflammation persists, implants or autologous tissue are inserted after removal of the implant and treatment of inflammation.

If the implant moves

If the implant is not positioned correctly between the bone and the periosteum, or if the implant is not properly fixed because the periosteum is torn during surgery, fix the implant to the bone membrane properly, or if there is damage to the bone membrane, the implant may Secure it so it doesn’t move.

Refresh Nose Reoperation Surgical Effect

Check out the effect of F5 Plastic Surgery Nose Reoperation.
A single operation can have a variety of effects.

01. Thorough cause analysis and precise diagnosis
02. Small and slender face
03. Experience and know-how of medical staff
04. After a thorough surgical management manager


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