Tip Plasty

Nose tip surgery is a surgery that creates a refined and three-dimensional face line with a naturally raised nose tip.
Complete a sophisticated image with a slim and pointed nose tip.

What is nose tip shaping?

If the nose tip spreads relatively low compared to the bridge of the nose and is blunt, nose tip shaping has the effect of naturally straightening the entire nose line.
From the forehead to the tip of the nose, it is possible to create a more beautiful and ideal nose shape by considering the individual face shape, bridge of the nose, height, length, etc.



Features of nose tip plastic surgery

Safe and meticulous surgical procedure

We perform meticulous surgery with safety as our top priority.

Rhinoplasty considering the face and harmony

Not only the nose stands out, but it blends with the entire face.

Customized surgery for various types

We guarantee more satisfactory results by performing customized surgery for each type.

When nose tip surgery is required

F5 Plastic Surgery Nose tip surgery completes the ideal nose line by making the blunt and spread nose tip sharp and sharp.

01. If the bridge of the nose is high but the shape of the tip of the nose is low or drooping
02. If the tip of the nose is lowered after rhinoplasty
03. If you want to change the shape of the nose tip
04. When the tip of the nose is long like an arrow nose



Nose tip plastic surgery method

Surgery using a simple incision

This is a surgical method in which a small incision is made inside one nostril and the tip of the nose is raised.
It is performed when it is judged that simply raising the tip of the nose is sufficient.

Surgery using an open incision

This is a surgery to correct the shape of the nose by looking directly at the shape of the cartilage and skeleton at the tip of the nose after lifting the skin by extending the incision to the front of the nasal passages between both nostrils.

Nose tip plastic surgery effect

Please check the effect of Nose tip plastic surgery F5 Plastic Surgery
Various effects can be obtained with one operation.

01. The tip of the nose that does not sag over time
02. Natural harmony of nose and face
03. Lengthen short nose
04. Three-dimensional face line


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