Alar Reduction

Non-incision nose reduction is performed by designing the size of the spread nostrils according to the overall face ratio with a non-incisional surgical method.
It is possible to produce a more sophisticated and luxurious image.

ideal nostril ratio

If the nostrils are spread out, the nose looks low and blunt overall, even if the nose bridge is sharp.
In addition, the three-dimensional effect of the face may be lacking, and sophistication may be lacking.
The ideal size for the nostrils is about 5/1 of the entire face when the entire face is divided into 5 equal parts.



Reduction of non-incision nostrils

Safe and meticulous surgical procedure

We perform meticulous surgery with safety as our top priority.

Rhinoplasty considering the face and harmony

Not only the nose stands out, but it blends with the entire face.

Customized surgery for various types

We guarantee more satisfactory results by performing customized surgery for each type.

When non-incisional reduction of the nostrils is required

F5 Plastic Surgery Non-Incision Nose Reduction reduces the nostrils to fit the overall proportion of the face.

01. If the nostril is wide and blunt
02. If the nose looks low because the nostrils are wide
03. If the bridge of the nose is high but the tip of the nose is spread out
04. If the shape of the nostrils is not in harmony



Non-incision Nose Reduction Surgery Method

Surgery to reduce the skin on the nose

It is a universally operated surgical method that incisions the skin below the nose and sutures the nostrils together.
Minimize scarring with a borderline incision between the nostrils and the nose.

How to tie together the inside of the cheeks

This is a surgical method that is performed when the nostrils do not spread too much, without making an incision.

Effect of non-incision nose reduction surgery

Please check the effect F5 Plastic Surgery
Various effects can be obtained with one operation.

01. Fast recovery possible after surgery
02. Customized rhinoplasty considering the characteristics of the nose
03. Natural nose line
04. Permanent Duration


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