Cheekbone Reduction

At F5 Plastic Surgery, surgery is performed by considering the jaw line that suits each individual face, not the sharp square jaw shape.
Even by reducing the square jaw, it can be improved to a smaller and slimmer face.


Accurate and safe surgery
F5 Orthopedic Cheekbone Reduction

Through low-dose HDX-Dentri 3D-CT imaging equipment, not to mention the shape of the bone Precise analysis of bone patterns and nerve positions.
In addition, determine the appropriate surgical method and surgical scope through image analysis.
Because it can be done, custom-made surgery is possible. Using the latest equipment like this Since an accurate surgery plan is made before surgery, safe and accurate surgery can be performed.


Cheekbone reduction surgery Features

Cheekbones developed in various shapes

Surgical method according to the degree of cheekbone development
(More effective when parallel with other surgery)

Minimize cheek sagging ineffectiveness

Minimize the peeling site
Minimize cheek sagging ineffectiveness

Natural face line

I thought about the balance of the face
Smooth face line

3D stereoscopic precision shooting equipment

Through 3D stereoscopic precision shooting equipment
Safe and accurate surgery possible

Precise inspection

Sufficient counseling and precision
Understand the most accurate cause by inspection

Custom-made surgery

Based on the grasped cause
Establish a surgical plan that suits each individual

If you need cheekbone reduction surgery

F5 plastic surgery cheekbone reduction reduces the proportion of the entire face
Considering this, a natural and soft face line is completed.

01. If the cheekbones are quite wide
02. When the impression is steep and strong
03. When the cheekbones are considerably exposed when viewed from the side
04. When the face line is uneven on the cheekbones



Cheek reduction surgery method

Anterior cheekbone

When the anterior side of the cheekbone is protruding, cut the cheekbone into an L-shaped pattern.
After removing the bone, push it inward.

45 degree cheekbone

This is the case when the part that connects from the front of the cheekbone to the side is developed.
Besides the method of scraping the bone, the cheekbone itself needs to be pushed in more overall.

Lateral cheekbone

When only pure Lateral cheekbone are developed, only the side cheek area can be reduced in a simple way using scalp incision and the latest Full HD endoscope.

L-shaped osteotomy

Cut the cheekbone into an L-shaped pattern
Rotate it three-dimensionally and push it inward.

Bone cutting

When the cheekbone protrusion is not severe
This is a surgical method that is often applied. The surface of the cheekbone
Sharpen and adjust the height to improve the cheekbones.

Cheek fat removal

If the cheekbones appear to be developed by fat,
Removes only fat to reduce bulging cheek meat.


Cheek reduction surgery case

Square jaw reduction surgery effect

Please check the effect of F5 Plastic Surgery jaw reduction!
Various effects can be obtained with one operation.

01. Slender V-line face
02. Smooth and slim chin line
03. Soft oval face
04. Overall smaller face


VATECH GREEN 16 3D-CT (Low dose & Fast scan) 3D-CT imaging equipment analyzes not only the shape of the bone, but also the shape of the bone and the location of the nerves in detail.


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