By adjusting the slenderness of the tip of the chin, you can complete the natural chin line while looking slightly rounded.
If you have a wide or blunt front chin that ruins your face line, you can improve it through V-line surgery.


Ideal ratio of chin

For those who are worried about the chin tip, the result of the entire postoperative face will be as if only the chin tip was operated.
You may not be satisfied. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the overall harmony of the chin and face, You have to think not only about the width of the face but also about the aspect ratio.
Through detailed counseling, you can discover the delicate ratio that suits you based on the ideal ratio.
F5 is based on various clinical experience and know-how
We will always strive to produce satisfactory surgical results for our customers.


V-line plastic surgery features

Slim V line from any angle

Rough Era line
Completed in a slim V line

Face smaller than before

Reduce the gills moderately
Face that looks small

Jaw in harmony with the face

Considering the ratio with the face
Harmonious and balanced chin

3D stereoscopic precision shooting equipment

Through 3D stereoscopic precision shooting equipment
Safe and accurate surgery possible

Natural jaw shape

Improve your chin a little rounder
Natural, not artificial

Custom-made surgery

Based on the grasped cause
Establish a surgical plan that suits each individual

When V-line shaping is required

F5 plastic surgery V-line plastic surgery adjusts the sharpness of the chin
Completes a slightly rounded and small natural chin.

01. For those who see the face line collapsed due to the chin
02. When the gills look wide
03. If you have trouble with your angular jaw
04. When the jaw is narrow and wide



V-line plastic surgery method

T osteotomy

Cut the front jaw bone into a T-shape and then move it to the center.
It is an operation to make the face slim and sophisticated as a whole.


V-line plastic surgery case

Slim V line Surgical effect

Please check the effect of F5 Plastic Surgery Slim V line
Various effects can be obtained with one operation.

01. Jaw with its own from any angle

02. Smooth and slim lower jaw

03. Small, round, natural chin

04. Well-balanced chin that harmonizes with the face


Precautions after V-line plastic surgery


Please eat porridge, juice, milk and other drinking foods for one week after surgery.


You can eat from 2 weeks after surgery, but cut side dishes into small pieces and eat slowly, and eat hard foods after 4 weeks.


The compression band should be worn for 3-4 days. If you tighten it for a long time, blood circulation will be poor, so please remove it from time to time.


Avoid lowering your head or lying down, and when you go to bed, put a pillow on the back of your back and raise it to sleep.


Drinking and smoking is possible from 4 weeks after surgery. Avoid drinking and smoking for about 4 weeks as it can delay wound healing and cause irritation.


Avoid strong impacts and strenuous exercise on the surgical site during the recovery period (downtime).


For about a month after surgery, the surgical site may be itchy and throbbing, causing a dull sensation, but it will improve over time.


VATECH GREEN 16 3D-CT (Low dose & Fast scan) 3D-CT imaging equipment analyzes not only the shape of the bone, but also the shape of the bone and the location of the nerves in detail.


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