Face lift

By solving the root cause of aging, it has a definite effect on overall wrinkles on the face and neck.
We operate with minimal scarring, and post-operative high-frequency management creates a resilient face line.


effective face lifting
F5 plastic surgery face lift

Improvement of the main cause of aging and wrinkles on the face and neck

It is the most effective and reliable surgery to improve the sagging and thick cheeks, severe nasolabial folds, and deep neck wrinkles and sagging that cannot be resolved by thread, fat injection, or laser treatment.


If you need a face lift

F5 Plastic Surgery’s face lift surgery definitely improves the deep wrinkles of the face and neck caused by aging so that it can be permanently maintained.

01. If you want long-lasting lifting surgery
02. If you want to improve wrinkles on the face and neck at the same time
03. When other lifting procedures and surgeries do not produce results
04. In case of sagging skin after facial or bimaxillary surgery



face lift surgery method

What is SMAS?

It is a very thin layer of muscle that covers all surfaces of the face just below the skin, and it is responsible for transmitting the movements of the facial muscles to the skin.

01. Incision after design

After designing the part to be lifted, make an incision from the scalp along the front and back lines of the ear.

03. Removal of remaining skin tissue and suture

After removing an appropriate amount of the remaining skin tissue, the incision is sutured.

02. Skin and SMAS layer peeling

After peeling the skin layer over the entire face from the incision site downwards, gently pull the SMAS (thin muscle layer covering all the skin's surfaces) underneath it again to fix it.


F5 Plastic Surgery Face Lift VS Other Surgery

face lift surgery

wide incision

Improves deep wrinkles and overall wrinkles on the face and neck

general anesthesia


partial lift

5-10 cm incision

Sagging and sagging areas (cheeks, chin, eyebrows)

sleep anesthesia



3 cm incision

Forehead wrinkles
eyebrows, forehead

sleep anesthesia, local anesthesia


thread lifting


neck wrinkles
sagging cheeks

sleep anesthesia


F5 Plastic Surgery's efforts for the best results

01. I will take responsibility from start to finish.
02. Maintain the best condition for surgery.
03. Accurate cause analysis Personalized surgery


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