Thread Lift

1:1 customized lifting is possible considering the skin thickness and wrinkle direction that differs for each individual.
It can be easily received by people in their 20s and 30s to the elderly, and completes a youthful, elastic face without wrinkles.


F5 plastic surgery thread lifting that makes you beautiful with simple procedure

Elasticum Lifting

Elasticum is a special soft and elastic thread with high elasticity because polyester is wrapped in silicone like a net.
Because it moves naturally with any movement, the surgical site is not awkward.

Mint Lifting

Mint Lifting is a molding-type, minimally invasive PDO thread for fixing facial tissue that has been approved by the US FDA and MFDS and is decomposed in the body.
Collagen and elastin are produced around the thread inserted into the body, improving wrinkles as well as skin elasticity.

triple lifting

Triple lifting is a PDO thread that is decomposed in the body and has projections in the direction of lifting and fixing the tissue.
In addition, since several strands are lightened to take the form of cotton, the saddle force is stronger than the existing thread lifting.

When thread lifting is required

F5 Plastic Surgery’s thread lifting procedure is a wrinkle treatment that pulls sagging skin and supports wrinkled skin three-dimensionally.

01. If you are worried about wrinkles on your face
02. If you are worried about sagging face and double chin
03. If you are afraid of facial contouring surgery
04. If you want immediate effect with one treatment



Thread lifting procedure method

01. Insert lifting thread after design

The thread is inserted in the direction to be lifted, taking into account the skin texture and the degree of sagging of each individual.

03. Check the effect immediately after the procedure

You can see the improved effect with your own eyes right after the thread lifting procedure.

02. Thread lifting procedure

Insert the thread and adjust the lifting degree to fix it. Each time you insert the thread, gently touch the skin texture so that the thread protrusion catches the skin easily.


Face Lift VS F5 Plastic Surgery Thread Lifting

Face Lift

wide incision

Improves deep wrinkles and overall wrinkles on the face and neck

general anesthesia



incision range

Application area

anesthesia method

maintenance period

Thread Lifting

minimal incision

overall face lifting

narcotic anesthesia



Thread lifting treatment area

The entire treatment can be performed from the forehead to the face and neck, and the affected area, wrinkles, and sagging skin can be improved.

F5 Plastic Surgery Thread lifting treatment effect

01. Natural lifting effect
02. Strong and definite wrinkle improvement
03. Minimize scarring and bleeding
04. Elastic skin


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