Fat Graft

By solving the root cause of aging, it has a definite effect on overall wrinkles on the face and neck.
We operate with minimal scarring, and post-operative high-frequency management creates a resilient face line.


F5 plastic surgery fat grafting with less foreign body feeling

Fat is collected from areas with a lot of fat, such as thighs, buttocks, and abdomen, and injected into areas where the volume of the face is insufficient to enhance the three-dimensional effect of the face and complete a refined young face. It is safer and has less foreign body feeling by using autologous fat.
You can even see the effect of correcting the body line by collecting fat from the area to be harvested.
Unlike fillers, once engrafted, the volume effect can be maintained almost permanently.

When fat grafting is necessary

F5 Plastic Surgery Fat grafting is a safe, natural and three-dimensional face that uses autologous fat.

01. In case of severe wrinkles on the face
02. If you want a stylish while face
03. If there are sunken or depressed areas on the face
04. If you want natural volume on your face



Fat Grafting Surgery Method

01. Regain fat from the body

Fat is harvested from areas of the body that contain unnecessary fat, such as thighs, buttocks, and abdomen.

03. Fat grafting site design

Design the area for fat grafting on the face.

02. Pure fat fat separation

Only pure fat is separated using a centrifuge and transferred to a syringe.

04. Fat grafting according to the design

Fat grafting according to the design.


Fat Grafting VS F5 Fat Grafting

general fat grafting

– Only simple centrifugation function is possible
– Impossible to completely remove impurities
– Low engraftment rate due to transplantation with impurities

F5 fat grafting

– Liposuction and separate injection are possible at the same time
– Completely remove impurities
– Maximize engraftment rate with pure fat

F5 Plastic Surgery
Fat Grafting Surgery Effect

01. Long duration with high engraftment rate
02. Increase the volume and three-dimensional effect of the face
03. Natural young face
04. Increase skin elasticity


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