Breast Augmentation

Accurate dissection and delicate surgery are performed using the digital full HD high-definition endoscope and the latest medical equipment, and the best results are obtained by inserting the implant while minimizing damage to blood vessels and nerves through the endoscope camera.

F5 Breast

F5 next-generation breast augmentation that satisfies all factors

01. Volume + Shape + Touch + Elasticity + Movement
02. Fast operation time with HD endoscope ultra-precision breast enlargement
03. 1:1 Dedicated Director’s Care Program


Features of breast augmentation surgery


Dynamic changes of implants according to posture and movement


Realistic soft touch


Beautiful breastbone and volume line


Safety and Fast Recovery 1 Day Breast Surgery

If you need breast augmentation surgery

Minimizes damage to the incision site
It is a suitable surgical method for those who are concerned about scars.

01. When small breasts are complex
02. If you want bigger breasts
03. In case of saggy breasts or lack of elasticity in the breasts
04. In case of even breast
05. In case of chest deformity due to rapid diet



Location of breast augmentation implants

submammary insertion method

Since muscle expansion is omitted by inserting an implant under the mammary gland tissue above the pectoralis major muscle, the operation is simple, there is little pain after surgery, and it is effective when the chest is widened or sagged.

submuscular insertion

By inserting an implant under the pectoralis major muscle, if the breast is dense, muscles can be added to the operation, so it can be in the shape of a water droplet with a natural feel.


breast augmentation incision method

The incision site varies depending on the type of implant and the patient’s condition.

armpit incision

This is a method of inserting the implant after making an incision of about 3~4cm along the crease in the armpit.


The state-of-the-art endoscope secures the field of view during surgery to minimize blood vessel and tissue damage and enables accurate dissection, so there is less concern about asymmetry. By minimizing damage to the mammary gland tissue, there is no difficulty in lactation and breast cancer treatment and diagnosis. After surgery, scars look like armpit wrinkles, so you can lessen your worries about scarring and create a natural chest line.

areola incision

This is a method of inserting the implant after making an incision of 3.5~4cm along the lower line of the areola.


Since the areola is incised with a dark skin color, it leaves almost no scars, so this is a surgical method if you use your arms a lot or prefer sleeveless clothes. Since the location where the implant will be inserted is close to the incision site, more sophisticated surgery is possible, and good results can be obtained in the case of sagging breasts, single breasts, and revision surgery. Recovery is relatively quick with minimal pain and swelling after surgery.

incision under the chest

This is a method of inserting the implant after making an incision of about 4cm along the fold line under the breast.


This is a surgical method if you use your arms a lot or prefer sleeveless clothes. It also has the advantage of quick recovery. It is a useful surgical method for complicated reoperation or correction of sagging breasts as it has a wide field of view that can be seen directly during surgery.

belly button incision

It is a method of making an incision in the navel and peeling it under the breast.


This is a method of inserting implants by making an incision in the navel area to make a way to the chest. Recovery is quick with minimal external scarring and bleeding.
However, there is a disadvantage that only saline implants can be used.

F5 breast augmentation plastic surgery effectsurgery effect

Check out the effect of F5 Plastic Surgery’s breast augmentation surgery! Bacterial food is produced due to bleeding during surgery, which destroys red blood cells and causes side effects such as spheroid contracture and membrane formation.

01. Natural shape and feel
02. No bleeding, minimal pain
03. Fast recovery without blood bags
04. Prevention of spherical contracture


Hyung-gyo Lee, director of F5 Plastic Surgery Clinic

Looking at the FULL HD endoscope from start to finish
All tissues such as small nerves and blood vessels are checked and operated.

Breast augmentation without endoscope

01. Peeling based on the senses without seeing
02. Risk of bleeding
03. Relatively high risk of spheroid contracture due to bleeding
04. The implant may move or return to an unwanted position due to inaccurate exfoliation

FULL HD Breast Augmentation

01. Exact peeling while watching directly with FULL HD quality
02. Hemostasis possible by seeing blood vessels before bleeding starts
03. There is almost no bleeding, so the probability of spherical contracture is drastically reduced
04. Prevents the implant from rotating or moving by realizing an accurate double plane

Breast KIND

Types of breast augmentation implants

round smooth

Since the surface is soft and the feel is excellent after surgery, the bouncing movements are natural as the breasts gather and spread similarly to the real breast.

round texture

Less spherical contracture and no massage required. Compared to the smooth type, the softness is slightly inferior

water drop texture

In a shape similar to the original breast, you can get a fuller shape under the breast.

round micro texture

The micro-texture is more natural with the addition of a smooth type with good tactile feel and a texture type with less possibility of spherical formation.

cohesive gel

It is the most recently used implant that shows superiority in tactile sense.

saline solution

It is filled with saline and has a firmer feel than the cohesive gel implant.


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