Saggy Breast Correction

The chest gradually sags due to rapid weight loss or aging. F5 Plastic Surgery’s saggy breast correction uses implants or properly repositions breast tissue and extra skin to correct elastic breasts.

F5 Breast

With the elastic and voluminous breasts of that beautiful time

No matter how simple the procedure is, the plastic surgeon directly performs the surgery according to the principle.
In addition, it is thoroughly checked to minimize the side effects of surgery and is thoroughly responsible for continuous follow-up after surgery.


How to diagnose saggy breasts

normal nipple

Located 4-5 cm above the nipple from the base of the chest

Class A breast sewage

When the nipple is located at the lower breast crease or lowered to less than 1cm

Class B breast sewage

When the nipple is at the crease under the breast or 1 to 2 cm below it, but above the lowermost tissue

Class C breast sewage

When the nipples are facing downward because the nipples are more than 3cm below the wrinkle under the breasts

Saggy breast correction target

Regain a woman’s self-esteem!
You will be reborn with beautiful voluminous breasts.

01. In case of sagging and sagging breasts due to repeated pregnancy and lactation
02. If your breasts are small or turned off due to breastfeeding, etc.
03. If your breasts are sagging due to sudden weight loss
04. When the nipples are lower than the crease under the breast and face downward
05. If the breast volume is low and sagging
06. If your breasts are too big and sagging
07. If you want the volume and elasticity of your breasts
08. Congenitally small and sagging



Saggy breast surgery method

areola incision

Suitable for breasts that are not too big and not too sagging

Scars are limited only near the areola and are barely noticeable
The amount that can be reduced is small and the shape of the breasts can be flattened

vertical incision

It is the most commonly performed surgical method, and it can correct even a large breast reduction and preserve the sensation of the nipple area.

Sufficient amount can be removed and looks best after surgery
Because it is a difficult operation, it must be performed by an experienced specialist to minimize scarring and reduce the incidence of complications

breast implant

It can be used if the breast volume is reduced and the breast is sagging.

In case of deflection due to simple volume reduction
Surgery possible with minimal scarring
Severe sagging may not be effective or may have the opposite effect.

'O' shaped incision

The most traditional surgical method is to create an ‘O’ shape around the areola
Effective for large breasts and severe sagging of the breasts

It is easy to predict the surgical result and the function of the nipple can be preserved.
It leaves a lot of scars compared to other methods

PROMISE F5 Plastic Surgery

f5 Plastic Surgery achieves the most natural and beautiful breast augmentation that satisfies the patient, not the hospital, with the optimal surgical plan tailored to each patient’s individual breast shape and condition and the current patient’s lifestyle.

01. F5 Plastic Surgery promises a good heart.
02. We will not force patients to have the surgical method the hospital wants.
03. We will understand the patient’s heart first and approach them with care.
04. Use a sterile, disposable device that can be inserted without nerve damage.


Hyung-gyo Lee, director of F5 Plastic Surgery Clinic

Looking at the FULL HD endoscope from start to finish
All tissues such as small nerves and blood vessels are checked and operated.

Breast augmentation without endoscope

01. Peeling based on the senses without seeing
02. Risk of bleeding
03. Relatively high risk of spheroid contracture due to bleeding
04. The implant may move or return to an unwanted position due to inaccurate exfoliation

FULL HD Breast Augmentation

01. Exact peeling while watching directly with FULL HD quality
02. Hemostasis possible by seeing blood vessels before bleeding starts
03. There is almost no bleeding, so the probability of spherical contracture is drastically reduced
04. Prevents the implant from rotating or moving by realizing an accurate double plane


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