Nipple & Areolar
(nipple surgery)

No matter how beautiful your breasts are, if your nipples are depressed or are too large, you won’t be able to achieve the ideal breast line. Breast nipple plastic surgery is a surgical method to correct the shape and size of the nipples through inverted nipple surgery and nipple reduction surgery.

F5 Breast

inverted nipple
A condition in which the nipple is recessed into the tissue

Normal nipples are not protruding and are flat or buried in the breast.
If the nipples are depressed, it is performed not only for cosmetic purposes but also for functional recovery of lactation.


If there is not enough tissue to support the nipple under the nipple, so it is buried inside


When the nipple under the nipple is short and pulls the nipple inward


If you are born with a genetic influence


Diagnosis of inverted nipples


When the nipple itself moves in and out without external stimulation



When nipples come out when there is an external stimulus such as cold or shower



When nipples are removed with a compressor or physical force, they return to their original state immediately


If it does not come out no matter how much



Hyung-gyo Lee, director of F5 Plastic Surgery Clinic

Looking at the FULL HD endoscope from start to finish
All tissues such as small nerves and blood vessels are checked and operated.

Breast augmentation without endoscope

01. Peeling based on the senses without seeing
02. Risk of bleeding
03. Relatively high risk of spheroid contracture due to bleeding
04. The implant may move or return to an unwanted position due to inaccurate exfoliation

FULL HD Breast Augmentation

01. Exact peeling while watching directly with FULL HD quality
02. Hemostasis possible by seeing blood vessels before bleeding starts
03. There is almost no bleeding, so the probability of spherical contracture is drastically reduced
04. Prevents the implant from rotating or moving by realizing an accurate double plane


Inverted nipple surgery method

triangular flap method

It is a method of replenishing the insufficient dermal tissue through the dermal flap after taking out the nipple by stretching the fibrous tissue without damaging the duct.

Ssamzie suture method

It is a method that minimizes damage to the ducts during surgery so that you can breastfeed even after surgery, and it has the advantage of leaving almost no surgical marks.

F5 Breast

nipple reduction
If it is too large or too long, it is not proportional, so nipple reduction is recommended.

This surgery is performed when the nipples are too large for the size of the breast, protrude too much, or sag.
Although there are congenital factors, there are many cases where the nipples become enlarged and sagging, especially after pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation.
If the nipples are too large and protruding, it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also causes psychological problems and problems when feeding a baby, so it is recommended to correct the nipples in a balanced shape.


Nipple reduction surgery method

If the nipple width is wide

The upper part of the nipple is cut off and sutured to reduce the width of the nipple.

If the nipple length is long

After cutting off as much skin as you want to reduce, the nipple is sutured to the areola to lower the length of the nipple. If the nipple width is wide, reduce the nipple width together.

Nipple & Areolar
(AREOLAR surgery)

The shape of the areola may change or increase in size due to hormonal changes due to menstruation, pregnancy, aging, and medications. By reducing these areolas, you can complete a more beautiful breast.


Ideal ratio of areola to nipple

The nipple should not be depressed and should protrude outward. The ideal shape for the nipple is 7-9 mm in height and 1-1.5 cm in diameter.
Ideally, the areola surrounding the nipple should not exceed 4 cm in diameter. Even if the areola is large, there is no functional problem with the breast, but it is recommended to improve it by surgery if it is complex due to the aesthetic appearance.


Areola Plastic Surgery Features

beautiful breasts

Perfect areola size for ideal breasts

almost invisible scar

The scar is almost invisible because it is covered by the dark brown areola

Minimize nerve damage

Delicate and meticulous surgery to avoid nerve damage

When areola molding is required

F5 Plastic Surgery Areola surgery finds the size of the areola that matches your breasts and completes beautiful breasts with ideal proportions.

01. If the areola is enlarged due to menstruation or pregnancy
02. When the areola is enlarged due to hormones or aging
03. If the areola is increased as the breast grows
04. If the areola is too large and not aesthetically pleasing



face lift surgery method

peri-nipple incision

If the area of the areola is not very wide, it is a method to remove the areola tissue by making an incision just below the nipple, and then pull it toward the nipple and suture it.

Incision around the areola

If the area of the areola is very wide, it is a method to remove excess tissue by making an incision at the edge of the areola and then suture it.


Precautions after areola plastic surgery


You must fast from 12:00 the night before surgery.


It is recommended to shower before surgery and not apply anything to the body.


When visiting the hospital on the day of surgery, it is recommended that you wear comfortable clothes and avoid driving as much as possible.


It is not recommended to move your arm too much or do any strenuous exercise until the wound has healed.


Drinking and smoking are allowed 4 weeks after surgery. Drinking and smoking can slow wound healing and cause inflammation, so you should avoid it for about 4 weeks.


You may feel itchy, throbbing, and dull sensations at the surgical site for about a month after surgery, but don’t worry, it will get better with time.

PROMISE F5 Plastic Surgery

f5 Plastic Surgery achieves the most natural and beautiful breast augmentation that satisfies the patient, not the hospital, with the optimal surgical plan tailored to each patient’s individual breast shape and condition and the current patient’s lifestyle.

01. F5 Plastic Surgery promises a good heart.
02. We will not force patients to have the surgical method the hospital wants.
03. We will understand the patient’s heart first and approach them with care.
04. Use a sterile, disposable device that can be inserted without nerve damage.


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