It usually occurs during puberty, so it acts as a severe stress or complex. The incidence is rapidly increasing due to the westernization of diet and the increase in the obese population.

F5 Breast

Gynecomastia, in which fibrous and adipose tissue accumulates in a man’s breast and enlarges like a woman’s breast

In most cases, it occurs alone in healthy people, but in rare cases, it may also occur as a symptom of endocrine disease.
Rarely, special attention is required as it may be a red signal that indicates abnormalities in the endocrine system such as chromosomal abnormalities (Klinefelter syndrome) or endocrine diseases such as testes, adrenal glands, thyroid gland, pituitary gland, and liver diseases.


Substances similar to female hormones are secreted, at which time the mammary gland tissue develops.


When the liver cannot break down female hormones, mammary gland tissue develops.


Hormonal imbalance due to drug abuse such as steroids and hair loss treatment


Gynecomastia Diagnosis Stage

For more than two, surgery is required.

Self Check List

01. My heart is exceptionally developed compared to others.

02. When you touch the area around the chest, you can feel the lump.

03. Even after the age of 20, my breasts have developed more than others.

04. Although I lost weight through diet, my breasts did not fall out.

05. The lump that appeared during puberty did not go away even after more than 2 years.

YES / No


Normal extravagance VS F5 extravagance

Normal extravagance

simple liposuction

has exist

has exist

has exist



surgical scope


stitch removal

wearing compression garments

skin elasticity


Liposuction + removal of mammary gland tissue




Use of lifting laser


Gynecomastia surgery method

Gynecomastia is divided into three types, and the surgical method differs depending on the type, so the appropriate surgical method must be selected through careful consultation and examination.

Muscle type: mammary gland tissue > fat

The mammary gland tissue is removed through a small incision around the areola.

Obese type: mammary gland tissue < fat

The mammary gland and fat tissue are sucked through a small wound in the armpit area.

Complex type: mammary gland tissue = fat

It proceeds with surgery like the obese type, but in some cases, it may be necessary to remove it through an incision.

PROMISE F5 Plastic Surgery

f5 Plastic Surgery achieves the most natural and beautiful breast augmentation that satisfies the patient, not the hospital, with the optimal surgical plan tailored to each patient’s individual breast shape and condition and the current patient’s lifestyle.

01. F5 Plastic Surgery promises a good heart.
02. We will not force patients to have the surgical method the hospital wants.
03. We will understand the patient’s heart first and approach them with care.
04. Use a sterile, disposable device that can be inserted without nerve damage.


Hyung-gyo Lee, director of F5 Plastic Surgery Clinic

Looking at the FULL HD endoscope from start to finish
All tissues such as small nerves and blood vessels are checked and operated.

Breast augmentation without endoscope

01. Peeling based on the senses without seeing
02. Risk of bleeding
03. Relatively high risk of spheroid contracture due to bleeding
04. The implant may move or return to an unwanted position due to inaccurate exfoliation

FULL HD Breast Augmentation

01. Exact peeling while watching directly with FULL HD quality
02. Hemostasis possible by seeing blood vessels before bleeding starts
03. There is almost no bleeding, so the probability of spherical contracture is drastically reduced
04. Prevents the implant from rotating or moving by realizing an accurate double plane


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