Accesory Breast

Accesory Breast usually occurs in the armpits, but it can also appear under the breast, on the nipples, or in other areas. It is caused by the development of mammary gland tissue, and mammary gland tissue removal surgery is performed together.


Step-by-step symptoms of Accesory Breast

The surgical range of the Accesory Breast depends on the size and tissue composition of the Accesory Breast.

Grade 1 Accessory Breast

It is small in size and the skin does not sag too much, so you only need to remove the liposuction and the mammary gland through a small hole.

Grade 2 Accessory Breast

It is a slightly larger form than Grade 1, and most of it does not require skin excision, but if the skin is sagging, skin excision may be necessary.

Grade 3 Accessory Breast

When the Accesory Breast is noticeably large and the clothes are visible, the intensity and frequency of pain are high. As the size is large, the skin may sag and require skin excision.


Features of Accesory Breast Surgery

Minimize recurrence rate

Reliably removes fat and mammary glands, the cause of Accessory Breast

Minimize scarring

Minimal incision is made in the armpit and is hidden by wrinkles

Delicate and meticulous surgery

Surgery by minimizing damage to lymph nodes or other tissues

When Accessory Breast Surgery is Necessary

F5 Plastic Surgery Accesory Breast surgery has a very low recurrence rate because it makes a minimal incision in the armpit, making scars almost invisible, and removing fat and mammary gland tissue reliably.

01. When pain is accompanied by the influence of mammary gland tissue
02. When cosmetic improvement is needed when breast augmentation is performed
03. In case of severe size change due to hormonal effects such as menstruation period
04. If the size of the Accesory Breast is large and the armpit protrudes when wearing



Hyung-gyo Lee, director of F5 Plastic Surgery Clinic

Looking at the FULL HD endoscope from start to finish
All tissues such as small nerves and blood vessels are checked and operated.

Breast augmentation without endoscope

01. Peeling based on the senses without seeing
02. Risk of bleeding
03. Relatively high risk of spheroid contracture due to bleeding
04. The implant may move or return to an unwanted position due to inaccurate exfoliation

FULL HD Breast Augmentation

01. Exact peeling while watching directly with FULL HD quality
02. Hemostasis possible by seeing blood vessels before bleeding starts
03. There is almost no bleeding, so the probability of spherical contracture is drastically reduced
04. Prevents the implant from rotating or moving by realizing an accurate double plane


Nipple reduction surgery method

Minimally Incision Accessory Breast Surgery

A 1-1.5 cm incision is made along the armpit crease line to remove the mammary gland and adipose tissue.

vaginal aspiration

Aspirate the Accesory Breast tissue through a small 0.5 cm incision in the armpit.

skin resection

The stretched skin, mammary glands and fat tissue along the armpit folds are removed and sutured at once.


Precautions after Accessory Breast surgery


You can take a light shower the day after surgery.


There may be stiff pain for two days after surgery.


You can exercise after loosening the stitches and healing the wound.


Adhere with a compression garment to gradually raise the sagging skin.


For a month, as the sagging skin becomes an adhesion process, you can touch the hard tissue on the inside of the arm.


After removing the stitches, doing stretching exercises such as yoga and Pilates will help your recovery.

PROMISE F5 Plastic Surgery

f5 Plastic Surgery achieves the most natural and beautiful breast augmentation that satisfies the patient, not the hospital, with the optimal surgical plan tailored to each patient’s individual breast shape and condition and the current patient’s lifestyle.

01. F5 Plastic Surgery promises a good heart.
02. We will not force patients to have the surgical method the hospital wants.
03. We will understand the patient’s heart first and approach them with care.
04. Use a sterile, disposable device that can be inserted without nerve damage.


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